Case Project: Happiness in Transport Decision Making Process

Happiness and Well-Being Survey


Recently the measurement of social and psychological phenomena has been advanced by progresses in the fields of behavioural economics and hedonic psychology, promoting the emergence of a new trend in Economics: Happiness!

But how?

The way you choose your mode of transport is influenced by how happy you feel, or how high is your level of satisfaction with your current transport mode(s).


The main scope of this project is to quantify the impact of happiness and well being in the decision process of a transport mode. Following this, a small survey is conducted above and will only respect to private car vs metro.

The results obtained in this study will be used in scientific development.


This survey is divided in three main steps:

Social Demographic - Questions to frame you in your social and demographic environment;
Stated Happiness - Questions about how happy do you consider yourself in several different life-related contexts;
Travel Choices - Where you state your preference for a presented travel option.

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