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Welcoming message

Prof. Josť VIEGAS
Chair of the conference

Prof. Rosário MACÁRIO
Vice-chair of the conference


The 12th World Conference on Transport Research will be held in Lisbon, Portugal...

The 12th WCTR conference will be hosted by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), a prestigious school of Engineering, Science and Technology.
IST, created in 1911, is the largest and most reputed school of Engineering, Science and Technology in Portugal. R&D at IST is performed in institutes, research centers and research groups, among which CESUR, Centre for Urban and Regional Systems, at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, where the group of researchers organizing the Conference belongs.

The organizing  team is an emerging young group of great potential, with internationally recognised Transport researchers and a wide and multidisciplinary research spectrum. Its 10 permanent members in charge of research and teaching, plus 15 students with scholarships for Master and PhD courses, usually cover 4 to 5 nationalities. The senior members of this team have had a strong involvement in WCTRS activities since 1998. Making the 12th WCTR Conference in Lisbon will be of great importance for the networking and boost of the younger generation of this group.

The XII World Conference on Transport Research 2010 in Lisbon has received the formal endorsement of representatives of all stakeholders, namely: Government, Public Administration, Foundation for Science and Technology, Universities, and Transport and Infrastructure Operators.
The conference facilities are located by the Tagus River, near one of the best known monuments of Lisbon, the Belém Tower, and a few minutes away from the city centre, in an area served by several modes of transportation. With functional buildings holding up to 4,000 people in diversified configurations, with sophisticated technical equipment for projection, sound and lighting systems.

In addition, the XVI Pan-American Conference of Traffic and Transportation Engineering and Logistics will be held immediately after the 12th WCTR Conference allowing participants of the two conferences to enjoy this unique networking opportunity having a full week in the beautiful city of Lisbon.

The welcoming team is looking forward to receive you in Lisbon. To know our group in advance, please visit our site: www.civil.ist.utl.pt/nispt.

José Viegas and Rosário Macário

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