5th International Conference


                                               21-23 July 2004                   Lisbon, Hotel Tryp Oriente, Parque das Nações, Portugal


Sponsored by


·        Departamento de Engenharia Civil e Arquitectura do Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

·        Department of Engineering, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

·        CEMAT, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal


Aims and Objectives


The aim of the Beteq 2004 conference is to promote further international co-operation between Scientist and Engineers from different disciplines involved in the study and development of the Boundary Element Techniques. The Boundary Element Method (BEM) also known as the Boundary Integral Equation Method (BIEM) has in recent years become an established method of solution in several important areas of engineering such as fracture mechanics, acoustics, and cathodic protection among others. However, there are still many areas where the method needs to be developed further. The participants are encouraged to explore new formulations and ideas for a wide range of applications as well as report on advances made on the numerical implementation of the method. The application of the method to practical problems is very much encouraged.

Call For Papers


Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract of 300 words together with a completed list of co-authors to either Professor Ferri Aliabadi or Prof. Vitor Leitão . Abstracts may be sent by post, fax or E-mail.


Beteq 2003 Proceedings - now available online, please click here



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